Thursday, January 20, 2011

Programing Code

Long time since my last post... got very busy, but I've been enjoying the fruits of this labor! The espresso is great!

I have posted all of the programing code at this LINK. The code is saved in the parent directory called: Silvia's Button Brain. Open that directory and it takes you to two sub-directories:
You can then open each of these sub-directories (just click on the links).

Silvia's Button Brain Code/ directs you to the following files:

And then Silvia's Libraries/ takes you to the library directory: SilviaLib/. In this directory you'll find the following files:

This gives you access to the innumerable hours and hours of programing that went into the producing the various functional components of this modification.

So there you have it!! One really important thing to pay attention to. This code was compiled under Arduino 10 (Arduino software v.10). As of today... the latest version is Arduino 22!! I am not certain that this code will compile successfully under any version other than V.10 (if it does , let us all know!).

All of the Arduino software can be found here: Arduino Software. From this page you can download any version you like, but if you scroll down to the lower third of the page you'll find:

"Arduino 0010 (release notes): Mac OS X, Windows, Linux "

That's what you're looking for to run the code that runs this Silvia Modification.

Good luck..... and above all..... Have fun!